About Felicity



I’ve been working on this analogy for awhile and it is kind of developing as I go. Mostly, it is about women and how we are meant to be something beautiful. We are created this way, but we also have the opportunity to accentuate this beauty through discipline and perseverance. It’s simple, really. But hard. And that is why I think we need each other. For encouragement and strength. I hope this blog helps a little.

My husband Dan and I are managers of three little jewels of our own: Claire Felicity, Ada Jewel, and Macy Cheri. Getting this right is as much about them as it is about me. Our only son, Jesse Daniel, is certainly the second man in command around here and loves us all lavishly. We are the best of friends and each other’s biggest fans. It is a great life.

My work outside of home is about learning. I teach at Heartland Christian College (mostly writing, literature, and spiritual formation courses) and I’m working on my English degree from the Univerisity of Illinois in Springfield. I spend a lot of time tapping away on this little white Mac.

So, enjoy yourself here. Join the journey. Be a Rare Rock!


Contact: felicity (dot) white (at) gmail (dot) com


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