A Writing Game

Ever played the Seven Word Wisdom challenge? I read about it this week in some homework but found an old contest explaining the rules here.

For example, the author of a book on proper diet and nutrition writes, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

To play, you simply condense your wisdom into seven words using a 2-3-2 word sequence. Three short sentences. Here’s another one concerning food: “Eat pie. Very good pie. Not often.”

My challenge to you is to write a Seven Word Wisdom on the topic of fashion. Remember the mini-conference for teenage girls I mentioned earlier this week? Think of them as your audience and describe in seven words your philosophy on clothes and fashion.

Here’s my entry: Stay current. Keep it simple. Be modest.

Come on! Everyone play; I need the material!



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18 responses to “A Writing Game

  1. Feel pretty. Consider the fit. Walk tall.

  2. Bend over. See the girls? Don’t buy! (I know there is no way you can use this but I couldn’t resist!)

  3. Carol York

    Dress modestly. Wear sensible shoes. Be comfortable.

  4. Love it! Keep ’em coming!

  5. Caroline

    Choose wisely. Be an example. Model confidence.

  6. katieleigh

    Stockpile basics. Play with color. Have fun.

  7. Caroline

    I couldn’t pass this up (we are in the middle of a blizzard)! 🙂

    Dress warmly. Layers are important. Columbia Sportswear.

  8. Tracy Hernandez

    Call Jenelle. Get good advice. Call Rachel. (My daughters have much more fashion sense than I do!!!)

  9. Kathy Nickerson

    basic black. A string of pearls. evening elegance.

  10. Kari Bell

    buy versatile. accent with accessories. splurge occasionally.

  11. Buy designer. Several great pieces. Within budget.

  12. I got distracted with your little game. I came over here to inform you of your prize, which you can claim on my blog.

  13. Be you. Try new things. Vintage shop.

    🙂 Love the game, Felicity!

  14. This is sooo fun! Yay for everyone playing! I’m definitely going to do this again. (But don’t be afraid to add to this list even if we move on to other topics on the blog.)

  15. you’re cool. what they think? who cares.

    …i hope that’s not too liberal … i’m gonna play this game with everything in my life 😀

  16. Isn’t it so fun?! I’m thinking of doing a new topic every Friday.

  17. Amber

    dressy casual. black and white. consistently modest.

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