dandrewMy husband’s younger brother visited this week, thrilling my children and giving my husband a longed for piece of home. It was actually his brothers that I met first. They won me over with their boyish sweetness and made everything super easy for Dan! His Dad and Mom and sister were pretty great, too; I knew them all before I knew Dan.

Last week one of my Bible College students referred to the time before she made solid decisions to live as a Christian as the time when Jesus courted her. That made a lot of sense to me. Do you remember those days before you actually made up your mind to associate yourself as God’s? How did Jesus court you?

For me, it was by showing me His family, the Church. I grew up in a wonderful Christian home and a great Bible believing church. My parents’ friends demonstrated lives of true faith in many different forms: as professionals, as missionaries, as ministers, and as everyday people just trying to do right. None of them were perfect, of course, but they loved me and they loved God and I knew that. It was like God was showing me how great this family could be if I wanted in.

Dan’s family did the same thing, wooing me with their affection for each other and their interest in me. Now Dan and I are hopefully building the same kind of culture in our home, a place where other people want to be.

It is an analogy I had never considered: the way God courts us. Can you think of anything that God did before you started living as a Christian that looking back you would consider an act of courtship? How did God win your heart?



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5 responses to “Courting

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    This is beautiful, Felic. I think God sort of kidnapped me for my own good. He first got my attention when I was thirteen, and then He just held onto me with a strong hand until I came to my senses and realized I needed Him. Interestingly, though, He used exactly the same tools: a strong, Christian family and a faithful, loving church.

  2. First of all, I like that way of saying “before you decided to associate yourself as God’s,” esp. for us church kids. For me, it was definitely – to use a bible phrase – through his kindness. I feel like I was kind of hard to convince. And I know there were many times when I felt sure he was the only way to go but didn’t know if I actually liked that very much. He won me in quiet, alone times with him when I knew he was there and could feel for myself that it was far more love than judgement that he looked at me with. Also, through the Anne books and this need for finding the beautiful parts of life, I soon discovered that he was behind all of the most beautiful parts – nature, love and friendship, family. People may wonder then if I would still follow him if he removed his kindness, but I think that’s such a strange question. He can’t remove himself from his kindness – it’s who he is. Even when circumstances are tough, his kindness is still there. And, dude! I must not be writing enough in my spare time – when I start, I can’t stop. Sorry it’s so long.

  3. It was through healing. I am from a long, proud line of good Catholics – we ate fish every Friday and observed lent, among other things. When I was 6, we converted to pentecostal (the Canadian version). We still at fish on Fridays. So, for me, I’ve always been a Christian. As a teen, I played on the right side of the fence but did slip through the slats every now and then because the grass seemed so much greener on the other side.

    In my early 20’s, there were 3 major illnesses in our family in a short space of time. My brother almost died. Actually, he did and they brought him back. Said he was going to be on dialysis for the rest of his life, but he was healed miraculously. And there were 2 other major things like that.

    I figured we must be doing something right if we were under such physical attacks. My rationale was that Satan wouldn’t need to mess with us if we were off course. That was what made me go hard core again.

    Love your term, Felic. Love it.

  4. Thanks, girls! I love this conversation.

    Feel free to keep adding to it, Friends. I read all my comments!

  5. Don White

    This will come up mostly likely saying it is from Cheri, but it is me instead.

    You are building that same culture in your home and it is wonderful to see and experience it through you and Dan and our wonderful, wonderful grandchildren.

    Thank you from the depths of our hearts!

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