Let’s Play Again!

I enjoyed last week’s Seven Word Wisdom challenge so much that I thought we’d try it again this week.makeup1

Remember, the rules are to condense your best wisdom on the given topic into seven words using a two-word, three-word, two-word sentence pattern. For example: Play now. Use seven words. Tell friends.

Today’s topic: Make-up! Last week everyone came up with such great wisdom for my girls concerning fashion and clothes. This week I wonder what you’ve got when it comes to make-up. Since Ada, my five year-old, showed up at the breakfast table this week in eye shadow and lip gloss, I think I’m going to need your help!



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7 responses to “Let’s Play Again!

  1. For Ada:

    Looks great. Not for school. Too soon!

    For Me:

    Stay neutral. Make eyes pop. Shiny lips.

  2. Carol York

    For pale redheads like me:

    Auburn Mascara. Tops only please. Look natural.

    For the girls:

    Mineral powder. A little mascara. Easy breezy!

  3. Molly

    I’m loving this game. I’d say my everyday philosophy is:

    Highlight assets. Less is more. YOU, polished.

  4. Molly

    For the girls:

    Have fun! But don’t obsess. You’re beautiful.

    Another fun one:

    Going out? Glam it up! No streetwalkers.

  5. Andrea

    If you can’t tell you’re wearing it; it is perfect.

  6. Andrea

    oops, to many words sorry

  7. katieleigh

    Emphasize eyes. Go for classic. Lip gloss.

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