You Shall . . .

Try taking each one of the Ten Commandments and framing them as something to do instead of something not to do. Only two of the commandments do not use the word NOT anyway, the one about honoring the Sabbath and the one about honoring your parents. Refresh your memory on the other commandments here.

For example: “You shall not commit adultery.” What would be the DO of this commandment? If we aren’t supposed to commit adultery than what are we supposed to do? Love our spouse? Keep ourselves sexually pure? Interesting, huh? It kind of raises the stakes a little.

I think this might be part of what Jesus was doing when he said he came to fulfill the Law not abolish it. Remember, he summed up all these commandments by telling us to 1) love God and 2) love our neighbor. Do’s. Unfortunately, a lot of us think being a good Christian is more about what don’t do than about what we do. The reality is that just not murdering really isn’t enough anymore. Now Jesus expects us to love each other – even our enemies!

So what do we have to DO? Look at that list and make a new one. What will you DO today?



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2 responses to “You Shall . . .

  1. Cheri White

    I REALLY like this! I’m going to make that list and I’m sure it will be challenging to live it! Thanks for the thought/heart provoking post!

  2. Amber

    This is good. We were just talking about this Tuesday in Life of Paul. 🙂

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