I Cannot Resist

I remember watching this performance by Dolly Parton in 1989 and feeling the thrill of shared faith. I mean, there she was in her fancy dress and long nails standing on a huge stage singing about something that I totally identified with. I think later, when she presents the next award, she says, “lordy” when she can’t get the envelope open and then worries, “I don’t know, can you say ‘lordy’ on this show?”

Don Francisco is the writer of this Easter classic and his version on YouTube is great also, but this is the one I remember connecting with. Today is Good Friday, and I haven’t been very good at exploring the quiet somberness of it yet. I’m kind of stuck on getting to Sunday! However, this song is kind of long – the “Sunday” stuff doesn’t show up until around the 4 minute mark. But, like waiting through Friday and Saturday, the wait is worth it. If you try to skip to the end without listening to the reflective, repetitive verses, the end won’t mean as much. So, I guess I do get it a little.

Enjoy “He’s Alive” – one of my favorite Easter songs. And don’t skip anything – ’cause Sunday’s comin’!



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10 responses to “I Cannot Resist

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    Do you remember the Don Francisco concert our church helped sponsor in Rolla? That year was pretty intense, so some things are a little blurry. But I remember him coming and being a great guy. I think it might have been near Easter.

    And whether Dolly sings it or Tevya longs for it, the good news about the Messiah is still awesome.

  2. I think I do kind of remember that Don Francisco concert because I think that was part of why hearing Dolly Parton sing the same song was so awesome! It was like she and I had something in common: Jesus! Because I think I listened to the Don Francisco RECORD long before I heard this rendition on TV.

  3. I cannot WAIT to push play on this. One of the people I follow on twitter recommended Nichole Nordeman’s “Why” for Good Friday. It only talks about the death. It’s beautiful – have you heard it?

  4. Oh yes! “Why” is beautiful! Dan and I used to listen to it and cry – perfect for Good Friday.

  5. Wow! What a powerful song. I’ve got goosebumps.
    Thanks Felicity!
    I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter!

  6. Cheri White

    When we lived in Chadron, Don Francisco came to our church and actually stayed in our home with us. He was a very nice guy.

    Out of all the songs he sang when he was with us, this is the one I remember the most. However, I’d have to say Dolly’s ending with the choir is extremely powerful and very moving!

    Happy Easter!

  7. Andrea

    Thank you so much Felicity, this is one of my all time favorite Easter Classics. It is so uplifting, and I found myself just rejoicing by the end of the song with the choir–I look so forward to heaven and that HUGE choir, I hope we get to stand close so I can hear you sing šŸ™‚

  8. Andrea, I’m planning to be there, so look me up! I heard someone say once that with glorified bodies we would recognize each other immediately simply by the defining qualities of our spirits . . . we’ll see!

  9. Judy Harvey

    Thank you so much for putting Dolly on your blog. I just listened to it and am lifted up! Wonderful!

  10. Kathy Nickerson

    This song really is perfect, Felic. Thanks again for posting it. I just wanted to shout!

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