Music for Your Monday

I’m waking up everyday to this new song by the Robbie Seay Band from Texas (thanks to my awesome Christmas present from my husband’s parents!). Since I’m married to a musician, I won’t post a bootleg copy of a YouTube video from one of their concerts (they really don’t do the song justice anyway), but you can to to their website and use the player to listen to “New Day.”

Favorite lyrics: “I’m gonna sing this song to let you know that you’re not alone. And if you’re like me you need hope, coffee, and melody.” Too true for me!

The heart of the song is to remember that everyday the sun comes up again; “it’s a new day, ah, baby, it’s a new day!”

Monday may be the morningest morning of all mornings, so remember, “it might not look like a beautiful sunrise, but it’s a new day!”

Happy New Day!



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2 responses to “Music for Your Monday

  1. serenitybohon

    I’m off to listen to my itunes version RIGHT. NOW.

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    Thanks for the reminder!

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