Rare Perspective from Missions Week

It is my favorite time of year at our church: Missions Week. Since I’m busy with that (and that pesky thing called college), I thought I’d just post some snipets of inspiration that I’ve had the privilege to enjoy. Yesterday I was going to write something as I sat in the conference – live blogging! – but when I started to pull out my expensive laptop I felt guilty! All around me was the murmuring of interpreters (Spanish, Russian, and Arabic), which is awesome, but I was also surrounded by great people of the Christian faith who would never have the ability to purchase a frivolity such as this MacBook. I felt like I was eating a grotesque feast in front of a starving person.

So I waited until I got home! : )

Here was the perspective from the first evening of preaching by a pastor from Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. He discussed the early days of his family and how he and his wife and his FIVE young children shared for many years ONE ROOM in his father’s house. I couldn’t help but think of how I complained about having two children in a four-room apartment and how friends of mine don’t think they can have children until they can afford a bigger house. You don’t realize how ridiculously American your expectations are until you get some Rare Perspective!

More later on the pastor from the Gaza Strip.



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2 responses to “Rare Perspective from Missions Week

  1. This is good stuff. I just wrote on my blog today about needing a little more outside stimulation, so keep the perspective coming. I don’t really have confusion about how lucky I am. But I sure could use some other lives to think about now and then. Perhaps if I know about them, I’ll find a way to be more useful.

  2. Molly

    It’s literally laughable how I usually think I have pretty good perspective until people like Victor and Hanna speak. I loved how they were both able to challenge and inspire without even a hint of condemnation or condescension.

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