Happy Birthday, Ada Jewel!

Dear Ada,

Today is your fifth birthday! This is a picture of you around the time when we all started calling you “Ada Bean” – do you think you look round and cute like a little bean? That’s what we all thought.

adaNow you don’t look at all like a bean. You are tall and slender and graceful. You still walk on your tip-toes like a dancer. You love dance class. You also love school. For your birthday you asked for a white board for your room so you can play school. You tell us that when you grow up you want to be a doctor and a police officer and a mom. I think you will be great at whatever you want to be!

Your real name, Ada, means “beautiful addition”. Daddy picked that because we were a little surprised when we found out you were going to join our family but we knew it was going to be perfect. I picked your middle name, Jewel, and I was right: you are a treasure!

You are the second mama around here. Your Daddy and I love to watch you trick Macy into eating her Cheerios. I think the way you help Claire off of her tall chair after supper is so nice. You are a good little sister, too. Jesse likes telling you jokes and playing games with you. You are good company for him.

I love it best when you sing songs that you make up yourself. They are always wonderful songs about love and happiness. I hope you never stop writing songs and singing them for us!

Well, it is finally your special day. We’ll eat pizza and decorate a giant cookie with red frosting and heart-shaped sprinkles. I think you must be one of my favorite 5 year-olds EVER!





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5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Ada Jewel!

  1. Sarah

    AHHH! Happy Birthday Ada!

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    I was just thinking today how perfect Ada’s name is. She is a spectacular, glittering addition to our family. A true Rare Rock in the world.

  3. Cheri White

    What a tribute to such a precious little girl! Happy 5th Birthday Ada Jewel. You are so beautiful!

  4. You do have a serious gift for child-naming. And she’s the sweetest little 5-year-old ever (excepting all of our other 5-year-olds of course).

  5. Eleanor

    AAHHH! I remember those big, sweet curls that hung around her face when she was that little! So darling! And so darling still.

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