Doin’ That Thing You Do

Big news in the White House this week. Claire got a 100% on this spelling test.


She even had to write her own numbers. For a girl who couldn’t write out all the letters to her own name at the beginning of Kindergarten, she’s come a looong way!

I’m not expecting to take many spelling tests, but my own school career resumes this week. I’m going into my second to last undergrad semester and I’m feeling a new desire for excellence. When I started this endeavor it was only about finishing my college degree, something I had always intended to do but somehow lost sight of in the middle of marriage and kids. Now I’m setting my goals on grad school and wondering where I get the nerve.


Encouragement is usually not hard to come by when God is speaking to my heart about something. During a family viewing of Facing the Giants this weekend I was reminded of the story of the two farmers who asked God for rain. Only one of the farmers actually believed he would get it; he’s the one who went out and prepared his field for the precipitation. Then my pastor spent time this morning reminding the members of our community to pursue with excellence the gifts and talents that God has given us.

I’m going into this semester like that farmer went into his field: I’m expecting something. I may not win any full-ride scholarships to grad school … but I might. I know I won’t if I don’t put in the effort of a person intending to. I also know this, if Claire can ace a spelling test, I can get my GPA up to cum laude standards.



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5 responses to “Doin’ That Thing You Do

  1. Yay for Claire! Mary B. was just asking me when and how you sleep with everything on your plate. You must have gotten a little, though, to feel this kind of motivation for the semester. And now I’m inspired. (Not to go to school. But to, you know, face Monday.) 🙂

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    Hurray for Claire!!! This is such great news. I’m actually fighting back tears as I read this. I admire her grit, and I know she gets it from you! I expect great things from both of you.

  3. Andrea

    Three cheers for Claire…….and her awesome mama!

  4. Cheri White

    Felicity, both you and Claire are an inspiration! The picture of Claire’s Spelling test messed me up, and your purposefulness spoke to my heart! Thanks!

  5. Tabitha Thompson

    Wow! You have no idea how much this encourages me. I even had to show my husband. We too just watched Facing the Giants, and it was a good reminder that nothing is imposible with God, not even a perfect spelling test! Logan will start school next fall, and we know that no matter what the Dr.’s say about his abilities or disabilities, God is able.
    Congratulations, Claire.

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