Packing Jammies

The worst part of any vacation is the packing. The worst part of vacation packing is the packing you do when you are heading home. The bags never pack as neatly on the way home as they did on the way out the door. You have to sort through the dirty clothes, the could-be-worn-again clothes, and the clothes still in the suitcase untouched. The leaving suitcase smells like dryer sheets and the going-home suitcase has any number of unfamiliar smells about it.

I heard a preacher once talk about the way God wraps up seasons in our lives, how he literally gives us time to savor the ending of something before we move onto something new. His example was the graveclothes of Jesus left alone in the empty tomb as a reminder that the season of death was over. The linen cloths could have transfigured along with Jesus’ body, but they remained as a symbol of the transition.

That is what packed bags are for me today – a sign of our movement from vacation to routine. I’m thankful for it but wish, as I do with most transitions, that is was over. But there must be a reason. As Dan wanders around his childhood home gathering the loot his own children have accumulated over the holiday I know we are nearing our departure time. As I try to cram several new outfits in among the old ones, I am reminded of our blessings this holiday season. The packing gives us a chance to reflect and assess. We will load up our van tomorrow and embark on the 6 hour drive that always provides us valuable talk time.

Hope all your transitions over this coming week are smooth but revelatory. Enjoy the journey into a New Year!




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7 responses to “Packing Jammies

  1. wow. i am still on vacation, but starting to think about heading home (on tuesday). already (because this is the second place i’ve stayed) nothing fits back in the bags. and i have Christmas presents to bring home! i do understand that challenge with packing. why did i bring so many clothes? and why did i bring so many clothes that didn’t fit the weather, and were NEVER going to be worn? what was i thinking???

    i am, however, really not going back to routine–my family stays behind for three more days, so i have 72 hours after i get home of complete solitude and silence before the happy, high-volume tribe returns. maybe that’s a transition/wrap-up time of its own, huh? wonder what God has in mind for that…

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    I’m sorry for the Omaha grandparents that those sweet faces are going home. But I’m really happy for me 🙂

  3. Molly

    I love this post. We rush by transitions all too quickly sometimes, huh?

  4. I’m just getting ready to pack our suitcases to head home tomorrow. Thanks for this article. The feelings are shared. Happy New Year to you all!

  5. I don’t mind the packing, actually. It speaks to the rarely indulged love of tidiness in me. I remember once, I had packed my suitcase, all just so, and I placed my gloves atop the clothes all battened down — my wife just laughed hysterically. It looked as though two hands had been put in place as insurance, to keep the clothes held down at all costs.

  6. Felicity, you’re amazing! I always love hearing your perspective on things! I’m in the process of a very hard transition right now and this post just made me remember to savor the good moments in the midst of the transition. Thank you!!

    Happy New Year!

  7. zanne, I would count on it!

    Jason, you are too funny. Have you seen the TV show Monk? I think I see a resemblance here. : )

    Bonnelle, you are welcome! Like all good preachers, I’m usually talking to myself, but I’m so glad to share!

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