A Rare Find: Advent Conspiracy

This interdenominational group gives specifically to fresh water projects, but you could follow the principles and give to the mission of your choice. Our family is definitely scaling down Christmas this year but probably not for all the right reasons. Still, thinking about giving gifts of presence instead of just giving presents is inspiring. Check it out:



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5 responses to “A Rare Find: Advent Conspiracy

  1. Ruth

    Wow, Felicity! That video was so inspiring and RIGHT ON!! What a great idea – the true meaning of Christmas. Who’d have thought? Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I thought it was a cool way to at least get myself thinking! The statistic about how much Americans spend on Christmas compared to the amount of money needed to secure fresh drinking water for the entire world – yeah, that messed me up!

  3. Yea, this is going to stay with me. One of my new blogging friends wrote about this as well, but I wasn’t able to view her video for some reason. So LITTLE of our surplus could do so much. I hope we can rise to the challenge. My current dream (albeit, a bit “Miss America”) is that Americans will emerge from this current crisis as just that – better givers. I don’t know why I believe it’s possible. But I do.

  4. I love this idea. Do you know CC at ifonlyIhadsuperpowers.blogspot.com ? She posted about this too.

  5. Yes, I know CC (thanks to one of your Blog Parties, I’m pretty sure) and her post is much more creative than mine! I love the concept. Now I hope I can transition from this being just a good idea that I enjoy thinking about to actually DOING something!

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