In the Spirit of Thankfulness

Staying on the theme of the Thankfulness Countdown, today I’m thankful for people willing to fight for you.


In my life (and mirrored in this picture), the best fighters have always been my siblings and my parents (now, of course, my own husband and children as well). We’re kind of a tight bunch. We’re feircely loyal and annoyingly talkative about it. But I love it.

I’m also thankful for the bigger family, the Church, that is capable of the same fighting FOR one another when we are at our best. Like a traditional family we have our bouts of in-fighting and petty disagreements, but we are also capable of great charity toward one another. I’m thankful for that.



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3 responses to “In the Spirit of Thankfulness

  1. I love this picture! I love how Macy is holding her brother and sister apart to make sure they don’t block her out of the picture! This girl wants to be represented! Good post. Well said.

  2. Yes, excellently said. I’m thankful for this too. Fiercely loyal and annoyingly talkative about it. It’s true. We’re very validating.

  3. Great post! And what a picture!
    I love to see my kids stick up for each other! It warms my heart!

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