Why I Love Rare Finds

I have run the Rare Find feature several times on this blog. I love introducing you to people I believe are living the exemplary life of a Rare Rock. They don’t have to be famous or powerful or outwardly beautiful. These are simply people who are living life according to a higher standard, people pursuing the discipline of God, people embracing the life they have been given with gratefulness and grace.

Sometimes a Rare Find isn’t a person but a ministry or a church. These are the groups who are showing the world what it looks like to be a living stone. They might be fighting for global justice, washing the feet of the saints, or just trying their best to show others the love of Christ.

Today I’m thinking about a BIG group of people for my Rare Find. This could possibly be my favorite kind of person: a Rare Find in an unexpected place. This weekend Dan and I had the chance to travel to a church in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to lead worship for their Sunday night service. We knew something of the congregation, mostly that they were small. We knew the pastor, and Dan was quick to tease him about the old choruses he made Dan play on the piano.

The room we entered surprised us. The decor was extremely modern, the location was downtown. Our sound tech offered his assistance in black clothes and the remains of many tattoos across his knuckles, but his spirit was sweet. He served us with excellence.

As the congregation entered the room we began to realize what a contrast there was between the mostly older people (“gray hairs” as our sound friend lovingly referred to them) took their obviously established seats in the room. When a singer/guitar player opened up with a Jesus people song that everyone in the room knew except us, I began to worry that our contemporary choruses weren’t going to go over very well.

But then I saw the sound guy in the back again, closing his eyes and worshipping along with a style of music that was clearly not his preference. Still, he understood that worship is for God, not for us. When we asked if there was anyway to get a little more sound coming out of our monitor he explained that he has to keep the sound levels low for this particular congregation. He was a humble servant, a Rare Find in an unexpected place. I felt like we might have been there just for him, and him for us.

Our sets went fine. The congregation was willing to try new songs and responded well to our pastor’s message that night. As we left the impressive brick building in the downtown area, Dan asked the kind woman driving us to the airport about a particular red truck in the parking lot, one of the last vehicles there. “I’m guessing that truck belongs to Chuck. Is that right, Ma’am?” Yes, indeed. There in the middle of a lot full of Lincoln’s and other sedans sat a hot red pick-up truck on lifts with flames painted up the sides and decals covering the back window.

That’s what I love about the Church!



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2 responses to “Why I Love Rare Finds

  1. This story is amazing. I wonder so many things about that guy. He sounds like a gem.

  2. Molly

    “worship is for God, not for us” man if we could just get this one thing down it would change everything, huh?!?

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