What do you want to be when you grow up?

Today I’m doing homework. I’m also pouring over course descriptions for next semester and a copy of the requirements I still need to fulfill in order to graduate. And for some reason, all of that has me thinking about dreams and what I want to become when I grow up. (I am teaching right now – and I love it – but I am teaching in an unaccredited situation and that is about to change. My school is moving toward accreditation and, therefore, so am I! It is nice when some decisions just almost make themselves.)

Last year my father, who is a family physician, decided to take a law enforcement certification course so that he could serve as a security officer at our church. My brother tagged along and now he wants to make a career out of criminal justice.

It is interesting to me that some people follow a childhood dream to their vocational life’s calling while others find a particular career later in life. Some choose a job for the money, others for the location or the hours. Some dreams get interrupted and returned to later. Some dreams fade away entirely.

Today I wonder, what is your story? Are you in the vocation of your dreams? Did your dream find you unexpectedly? Or are you still waiting for the dream to unfold? Maybe you just work out of necessity and feed your dream in other ways? How did you KNOW what you wanted to be when you grew up? Or are you still trying to figure it out?



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6 responses to “What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    I’m sure you remember the story about your dad. He remembers wanting to be a family doctor from a young age. But he was shocked one day to pick up a book he had read when he was eight years old. He found himself and his vocation described in perfect detail in the little boy who wanted to grow up and be ” a Christian doctor who could help people.”

    He always wanted to serve in some way as a protector, too. The military didn’t seem like the kind of career we wanted for our family, but the desire to serve always pulled on him. I’m so proud of him for pursuing that dream at age 53.

  2. I’m definitely not quite in the vocation of my dreams, but I’m working toward it. I heard an actor once say that it’s not true that you can be anything you dream (he happened to be a smallish, skinny guy who loved football). I really liked that honesty. Some people of course get to be huge (or fast) and love football. The rest of us kind of have to find a balance between what we think we want most and what we’re supposed to do. I want to be in the entertainment/storytelling business. That would be ideal. In the meantime, I’m trying to do what you say here – feed the dream as best I can while I’m pursuing it. “Do something creative every day.”

  3. It’s so funny how things work out. I recently found an essay I had written back in college in which I wrote about how I wanted to teach science to help kids discover the wonders all around them and to see the presence of God in their lives. I just about fell over! I’m no longer teaching but now I write a blog about the wonders I see in life. Teaching helped me find those wonders for myself–and showed me how much I like creating and telling stories.
    My career path has taken all kinds of curves and twists, even though I always prayed for a nice straight road. I’m so thankful we don’t always get what we ask for!

  4. Tracy

    I really do love what I do right now… promotional sales & marketing. There’s great satisfaction in being able to find the perfect items for people to put their logo on that will make the perfect impression when they give it out. I get to meet people, develop new friendships, and be creative… all things I really enjoy. That being said, Leonard and I have always DREAMED of owning a hotel. We have been talking for over 20 years about all the things we would and wouldn’t do in our hotel, the hospitality we would show our guests, the impression we want to leave with them. EVERYONE would want to stay in our hotel . . . . that is, if it only existed!

  5. i have to wonder if, for me, there will ever be a settling place. i graduated from the university with a fine arts degree in theatre production–that and a dime might get you nine cents, haha. i really didn’t use it much, either–got married, had beautiful babies, directed a community show here and there. but just before my third baby came, we started at a new church–one that had a baby drama ministry. my new daughter and that drama ministry grew up together, me mothering both. but then something else happened–God called me into vocational ministry, and i went to seminary. now i have an MA in biblical studies and theology–the only MA at fuller that requires both greek and hebrew. yikes! and i’m on staff right now at a church where i pastor all the arts & tech teams. most often a music worship leader does that, but we have a different paradigm, where our music guy can focus on music worship, and i’m blessed to able to facilitate all of it.

    but i’m still, apparently, not finished, because God is now leading me to care for artists in a more personal, one-on-one way. i’m acting manager for an up-and-coming Christ-following musician, and often advise and consult another (if he wasn’t almost 1000 miles away i’d probably be his manager too). i work with a writer (also a Christ-follower) helping her sort out her different projects, and i’m consulting with her on a book she’s writing. i’m taking online courses about music management. i have no idea where this is leading, but it seems to be, for me, the place my heart is the most fulfilled, and the place where God is wanting me to serve. i do dream, sometimes, about having a Christ-centered artists’ retreat, where they can come and focus on their work in a place of space and peace and quiet, but we’ll see. i am almost 50 years old now, and instead of being fairly complete, career-wise, i feel like there’s a lot of new road ahead… very exciting!

  6. All of you have answered my question perfectly and just as I expected. It is exciting to imagine what the future might hold!

    Zanne, sounds like you are doing a lot of things right up my alley. My husband is a worship leader, but he would LOVE to have someone like you releasing him to focus on creativity and music. What a blessing.

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