For President in 2040

Jesse White for President in 2040.

He’ll be around 39 then. He’ll probably have a beautiful wife and a few rambunctious children. He is a Rock Star and a Baseball Player, but he’ll take some time out to be President for a term or two if I ask him. I’m still his mother after all!


Here are the talking points for Jesse’s campaign:

Takes the dog out every morning. Sometimes without being asked.

Gives baby sister hugs.

Repents (with tears) for starting to think about video games more than his family. Actually changes this behavior.

Prefers Pop-Tarts to home-cooked breakfast.

Brushes teeth without being asked.

Keeps room clean. Even after friends come over to visit.

Sings. Often.

Shakes hands with strangers.jess2

Has perfect penmanship.

Wins medals for Scripture memorization.

Wears Chucks.

Tells his mom she looks pretty in the red sweater.

Reads well.

I’m certain I could add to this list, but for now I’d say Jesse is on his way to being over-qualified for the job!

Jesse White in the White House 2040!



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6 responses to “For President in 2040

  1. Molly

    Oh please oh please oh please, God, could he be?!?!?!

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    Let the campaigning begin. These pictures alone should get him the nomination.

  3. Cheri White

    From his Grandma’s perspective . . . he’s definitely getting my vote. But, then he’s had my vote since the moment I held him in my arms!
    And the pictures . . . suffice it to say he’s amazing!!

  4. Drew

    I promise to vote for Jesse if I can be his Vice President!

    The ticket will read,”White & White 2040″. I will be 55 at the time, with a wife, four kids, two grandchildren, a dog, a fish, and my own house. I think I would make the perfect running mate for Jesse. I will bring years of experience and service to my country. Please pick me, Jesse!

  5. Don White

    He has had my vote from the day I laid my eyes on him!!!

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