This week my choir classes have a big performance. We’ve rehearsed for weeks – months even – and tonight is our dress rehearsal for the church. Friday night will be the actual performance.

Kids are funny because anticipation for them usually means louder squeals and more frequent giggles and a general sense of pandamonium. Even my teenagers, who want desperately to look unaffected, are a little more active and talkative. My instinct when coming up to a performance is usually silence. I want to still the world, sit quietly in a corner, and focus. Not possible with the crew I’m working with right now. I gave them lectures about how we only have a few more rehearsals before we stand on the stage in front of literally hundreds (1,200 people were at this Open House last year) of audience members and we must WORK, but they only look at me like the too-serious teacher that I can be.

Yesterday when my 3rd-5th graders had to practice marching up and down their risers in an orderly fashion several times they just thought they would die! But when we filled the last few minutes of rehearsal with an impromtu performance of our “Little ‘Ol Cowboy” song, in which they get to yodel and say, “Yee Haw!”, they perked right up. Smiling, laughing, singing at a perfect volume.

I think as Christians we are in danger of making the same mistake I make when coming up to a performance: We’re entirely too serious! If our final performance is a life in eternity, I think spending this life anxious, silent, and tense is not very effective use of our remaining rehearsal time. In that spirit, I guess all I have to say to close is, “Yee HAW!”



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3 responses to “Practice

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    Yee HAW, indeed! Thanks for this excellent reminder.

  2. I think David Gray was the first person I heard call this life practice for heaven. People think you start all over there only you have all the answers, but David suggested that we’ll just be continuing our journey and that how we live and learn here really will determine how we begin there. I don’t know for sure if this is true, but it would make this life matter a lot more to know it’s not just a yea or nea/heaven or hell kind of test at the end.

    And also, performances make me have to pee. Good luck with that!

  3. Kathy Nickerson

    Charlie always says, “This world is just a dressing room for Heaven.” He and David are on the same theme, I think, of how we live here gets us ready to live there.

    And if the dress rehearsal is any indication, Felicity’s choir will ace the performance!!!!

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