Does this dress make me look…

Gorgeous?! My four year-old, Ada Jewel, drew this portrait of me today. It reminds me of everything I WISH I was doing: wearing pink, enjoying fine weather, and walking in a field of blue berries! Coming off of a couple of days of Stressed Mommy, I’m glad this is how I turned out in the picture.

This picture reminds me of one that got away before I could preserve it digitally. Last week during church I was entertaining my son Jesse with drawing prompts such as, Draw a picture of what you love about your Mom and Dad. His picture of Dan at the piano was charming – little black keys and everthing. I was actually a little excited to see what he might draw me doing. Would I be teaching or singing? Maybe I’d be out in the rose garden or dancing with Macy?

Jesse handed me the paper with a smile. I looked at my caricature. What’s that in my hands, Jess?

“Macaroni and Cheese! ‘Cause I love it when you cook!”

Kids are great for affirming your identity! : )



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4 responses to “Does this dress make me look…

  1. So true! Drew has a journal at school, and every Friday he brings it home with a new letter to us. That’s where the pretty as a butterfly/tough as a bull thing came from. Last week’s letter was written to his “brothers” too, and he signed it, “Your middle age son, Andrew.” Imagine how I wanted to swoop him up after that. Us middle-agers gotta stick together after all.

    I wish you could wear pink and run in a field of blueberries too. I hate homework for keeping you from it. But I’ll be so proud of you when you’re done.

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    I think it was Charity who once drew a picture of me sitting at my typewriter at home. And it made me feel guilty. I was sure it was her way of telling me to make more mac & cheese 🙂

  3. Molly

    Reason #827 to have children, they believe the best about you.

    The way my kids are so forgiving with my mess ups truly helps me see God’s forgiveness more clearly. Sometimes we all need to hear, “It’s okay that you shouted at me this morning, I know you’re really sorry and I still think you’re awesome.”

  4. I love this!
    When my Sarah was four, her preschool teacher had all the children draw a similar picture for Mother’s Day. She drew me getting into the car, going to church for a meeting. And there was a laundry basket on the passenger side!

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