Sweet Wholesomeness

Check out my article, Sweet Wholesomeness, on the Radiant Magazine website.



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3 responses to “Sweet Wholesomeness

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    Well done!
    And I’m a totally objective reader.

  2. Andrea

    Well, I like to think I am objective, and I liked it.
    I am on the worship team at church, and watching the faces of people when they worship reveals so much about thier relationship with Christ and what they do with him after they leave church on Sun. Your sentence, “The first step is to stop separating our lives into sacred and secular categories, and to see everything that we do as worship.” is so telling. It reminds me AGAIN of the quote by Chuck Swindoll that I wrote on Serenity’s blog last week about Hollywood/the election, where he asks us do we take our faith and make it fit our culture, or do we take our culture and make it fit our faith? This is an issue that I am going in depth on right now. It seems everything I read, and hear speaks to us to be authentic Christians in EVERY facet of our lives, in church and out, in worship or at work, Jesus must do everything with us. I am finding that when this happens in the secular world, you do indeed, stick our like a sore thumb. You are quite aptly considered “a peculiar” people. Praise God! for if it draws the attention to Him is the way we hope, what opportunities for sharing it provides!
    You girls are WONDERFUL to read!

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