Confession: I Play Fantasy Football

I started watching sports in junior high so I could have something to talk to the boys about. Some things never change.

I picked some teams and got hooked. Soon I didn’t need to watch so I’d have something to say in homeroom; now I actually watched for my own enjoyment.

My favorite sport was college basketball. March Madness, baby! I could even watch college football on Bowl days and enjoy that. But I didn’t often get behind any professional sports outside of baseball as background noise during a Sunday afternoon nap or the NFL for the Superbowl.

Well, I’ve been converted by the boys one more time. A couple of years ago my husband asked me if I wanted an entry in his fantasy football league. He promised it would be easy and I could do it without even watching the games – kind of like filling out a bracket for March Madness based on which team had the best mascot…it is just good, clean fun.

But I couldn’t stop there. Oh, no. I started watching a game here and there just to see how “my guys” performed. Then I got to know the players and their stories and their teams. And then I was hooked again. This week was the opening of the NFL season and I was actually looking forward to it…it was a happy thought for me. Crazy.

Someday I’m going to write a feature on why women should play this kind of game for the sake of their marriages! It’s so much fun, and now when Dan wants to watch a football game I actually want to keep an eye on the tv, too. I’m sure there are a million and one things we could do to learn to enjoy one another more, but this week you might want to jump into something just for the sake of your relationship with someone else…you might find a surprising new enjoyment in your life!



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7 responses to “Confession: I Play Fantasy Football

  1. Great idea! I wish they had fantasy hunting. Emphasis on fantasy.

  2. I like the idea, even though I’m not really a sports fan. But my husband has really gotten into cycling in the last few months, and Saturday I decided to give it a try with him, going on a long ride really just for his sake–for something for us to do together and with our youngest child. And it was fun! It makes me wonder what else I’ve been missing!

  3. That’s the spirit, girls!

  4. Well…I think you guys are all pretty lucky with a guy that would SIT and watch sports! Ha. My guys doesn’t sit too much so spending time with him means going to the farm and feeding 1500 or so chickens. I do admit that I tried to go hunting with him once! But you can’t talk or you scare the deer. Oh dear! Can’t really hear too much with the chickens clucking either! Guess I will keep trying! Maybe we could email together! ha

  5. My guy, my guy…I don’t have more than one!

  6. Heather

    I am in three (count ’em, three) fantasy football leagues this year. It started out as a friendly way of competing with my husband. Now, I am a full-blown fantasy football addict. I love it. I have to admit, that I kinda smiled (just a little) when one of my opponents lost Tom Brady for the season. Bad for Tom Brady….good for me!

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