Today’s Wonder of the World is …

Falling in Love!

Rebecca’s blog called Wonders Never Cease is a Rare Find and great fun! She devotes each day to a new Wonder of the World and cheers her readers with silly puns and quirky images that reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary things of life. I always smile when I read her posts. Today she is having a blog party and we’re all invited. Check out her blog for more Wonders-ful fun!

So, in case all the fun made you forget what I said before: Today’s Wonder of the World is …..

Falling in Love!

Now, it is pretty easy to fall in love with this:

Or even this:

And I found it pretty easy to fall in love with this guy:

The tall one, of course, although I think I’d fall in love with the little one pretty quickly, too. Notice Dan is on a missions trip in this pic. He went as a musician and ended up painting rafters for a week. He loved every minute of it … and now you know why it was so easy to fall in love with him!

Being able to fall in love is a gift. Sure, one that we abuse, but a gift nonetheless. I know young women who always fall in love with the wrong kind of guy. I know men who fall in love with the wrong parts of women (for instance, the parts that tend to change over time and leave him wondering WHAT it was he fell in love with in the first place!). I know people who fall in and out of love so quickly you would think they were this guy (or one of his saavy friends):

But the greatest thing about the ability to fall in love is that it can help you be a Rare Rock! I’ve said before that falling in love is not as mystical as it appears. Falling in love is the result of making decisions toward a person and those decisions turning your emotions toward the object of your thoughts. As unromantic as this sounds, I think you could fall in love with almost anyone. And that is the blessing and the curse!

The curse: I could fall in love with a jerk! The blessing: I can fall in love with that guy I married who is acting like a jerk! No one is perfect and sometimes we all need an extra dose of love to keep us connected. I can fall in love with my teenager who is “acting the fool,” as a friend would say. I can fall in love with my best friend who has a mildly neurotic dark side. Falling in love is a gift and a truly wonderful Wonder of the World!

Thanks, Rebecca, for the party! Enjoy this song, friends – it says it WAY better than I do.



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8 responses to “Today’s Wonder of the World is …

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    Thanks for the song!!! You know your dad and I love it.

  2. I LOVE your post, Felicity! And it’s so true. I’ve been married for twenty two years and have found that every time I think I understand love, it regenerates itself in a new form.
    I enjoyed the photos of the loves in your life!

    Thanks for joining in on the celebration. You’ve made my day even happier!

  3. What a wonder-full post for this day..

    I am happy to say that I have been in love for over 38 years….
    True love does test one along the way….

    I never thought of love as a gift but your right it is a gift..
    And it’s the best gift of all….

  4. Adrienne

    I did enjoy the song – but I thought you said it perfectly, too.

  5. I love this one! Falling in love is such a wonderful thing. And it’s made so much more wonderful if it’s forever.

  6. CC

    Awwww! So sweet!!

    Email me at cdcmail and that’s at gmail You will be might surprised to learn of a few things we have WAY in common! 😉

  7. Thanks, All! It was a fun day reading new blogs thanks to Becky!

  8. ABB

    This made me smile too. Thanks to Rebecca Ramsey for getting us connected to new folks and your blogs through the Wonders Party. Great to have had you stop by with me too.

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