Oh, the Pain (and the Drama)

Macy is teething. Not just oh, I think I see a little tooth teething. This is swollen gums with at least four teeth trying to pop through teething. And a runny nose and a serious case of the crankies. Trying to comfort her really doesn’t help because she’s just feeling it all and wondering why we don’t understand what she wants. The problem is, there really isn’t much to do to help her; she doesn’t even know what she wants. It is one of those classically frustrating parenting situations.

The helplessness of this stage makes me dread the similar feelings I know I’ll have when my girls face the teenage years. Oi vay! I remember those feelings of being trapped and scared and sad and thrilled and worried and enchanted. All of them in the space of about 10 minutes. I remember walking downstairs thinking something from the kitchen would help and then trudging back up when nothing did. (Not even the Little Debbie that tasted like heaven!)

Macy will be fine in a few days, and I know girls eventually pass through adolescence as well. I just hate that in-between time when everyone feels miserable! I was sustained in those days by a great family, a foundation of faith, and a growing personal relationship with God. Macy is sustained by lots of holding, Motrin, and a pacifier. Maybe those things aren’t so different from one another for now. When she’s all grown up she’ll trade the pacifier for personal faith, but the rest she’ll probably keep. Sometimes nothing is better than Motrin, and I know she’ll always have us!



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4 responses to “Oh, the Pain (and the Drama)

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    If your children come through teething and teening as well as you did, your life will be blessed. Some of my favorite memories are the years you guys were working your way through puberty and into the tremendous adults you have become. You all four did it with real grace. You turned your mixed-up hearts toward God and let Him have his way. And – you were a blast to have around!

  2. Thank God she said “all FOUR of you.”

  3. Kathy Nickerson

    I knew you would appreciate that, Seren. And, it is true. We probably let some negative comments from other sources convince us otherwise occasionally. But, the truth is, all four of you were unbelievably wonderful, easy, fun teenagers. I would fall into the trap of missing that season except I see it coming at me in multiples within a few more years. I enjoy your children so much now, and I was just thinking the other day what a blast it will be when they are all teens. (For me 🙂 )

  4. Amber

    You all are such a great blessing and example in my life. THANK YOU!!!

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