My Hollywood Ending

I have a situation at work right now that needs a classic Hollywood ending. It involves a student who isn’t living up to the contract he signed to be in my choir. I have simple rules; one of them is that students must “sing in an audible voice.” (Seems obvious, but, remember, I work with troubled youth and this class has open enrollment. It is also one of only two mixed gender classes on our campus. Mixed motives for joining this choir are rampant.) I’m pretty sure this guy is just moving his lips.

I’m torn because he is the kind of guy who is totally headed in the wrong direction and I wish there was something I could do about it. In the movies it would all work out. In the movie, there would be an intense confrontation at the end of which he would finally burst into song. In the movie, his voice would so awesome audiences would hail him as the next Josh Groban. In the movie, when he stands before the Academy accepting his award he would thank me first because I had believed in him and pushed him to do better than he even knew was possible.

In reality, this guy is probably going to sign up for Art and he won’t be my problem anymore.

I heard this past weekend from a great speaker about the power of an ontological truth, a truth that is embedded into the reality of the universe. It is an ontological truth that our world will eventually experience a Happily Ever After. Our Hero, Jesus, is going to come back for us in the middle of our struggle here and initiate a New Earth. My kids already think every movie should end with a wedding (keep track sometime, it is a seriously high percentage -especially in the animation world). What they are experiencing is a hunger for the culmination of our relationship with God. They are looking for Happily Ever After. In a crazy irony, Hollywood often delivers!

And I’m longing, too. I wish this one could turn out that way. Maybe it will – God is big after all – but maybe it won’t. Either way I hope I never forget to hope for the Happily Ever After; someday it will be mine forever.



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4 responses to “My Hollywood Ending

  1. Tracy

    I think a lot of times the only difference between the movies and real life is the timing. What really takes a lifetime, they portray in a couple of hours. I was a pretty troubled youth myself, and I know that although I tried to act tough, like nothing affected me, and like I didn’t care what anyone thought… all I really wanted was to know that I mattered. There were a few people in my life that no matter how much I pushed them away, they continued to let me know they cared and they saw great potential in me. I carry the lives of those people with me today… they are very much a part of who I am.
    Don’t underestimate the effect you may be having in his life. He very well could burst into song.
    It just may not happen for a decade or so.

  2. Thanks, Tracy! I’m taking that encouragement with me to class today!

  3. I love this song, this movie, and happy endings. And I especially love the idea that I believe in happy endings because I’m supposed to.

  4. Felicity,

    I love this video clip! Great post!

    I just want to say that you do make an impact on people’s lives. I will never forget when you came to CFC and taught us Glorious! It was SO awesome and I thought then what a great teacher you are. Don’t give up and don’t give up on your students. He might come around and he might not but either way, you have touched his life and planted Jesus in his heart.

    (friend of Cheri White’s & your mom) 🙂

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