Happy Birthday

I’m a big fan of milestones. A couple of weeks ago, my baby, Macy Cheri, turned 1. This is her just getting into her birthday cupcake:

I don’t do a ton of super-domestic things, but I make cupcakes, really good cupcakes with fluffy marshmallow icing.

In May I heard a great idea at a baccalaureate service. (Graduations, birthdays, I love milestones!) The speaker told the young people about his family’s tradition of celebrating spiritual birthdays. They use a real birthday cake and everything. At the appointed time, the father places the spiritual birthday cake in front of the family member and asks them to tell the story one more time. What a great use of a milestone – a remembrance, a memorial. Each time they tell the story, the reality of the moment when they walked that asile or knelt in that bedroom is impressed deeper into their spiritual identity.

These are my two older girls when they were around Macy’s age:

And here they are a little older at a wedding reception:

I’ll use this picture to remind them of how they looked during the summer of their own spiritual birthdays:

Sunday Claire and Ada asked to go to the front of the church and “ask Jesus into” their hearts. It has never mattered to me if they did this in a formal way – growing into salvation makes as much sense to me – but I wasn’t about to refuse their sincerity in the moment. And later that night I made a note of the date and smiled imagining my two beautiful girls recounting this story year after year. What an awesome milestone!



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6 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Andrea

    Praise God!

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    This is a great idea. I’m so glad you are doing it. I realy beleive I grew into salvation, as you so nicely put it, but I mark the day of my baptism in my heart. It was the second Sunday in November, 1968. (and my grandpa baptised me in my uncle’s pond in a snow storm) 🙂

  3. Cheri White

    I love this idea, and think it’s will be such a special time for your children as they grow up in years and in their walk with God. I never had a specific date, and definitely would say I grew into my salvation! In whatever way it occurs — what’s important is that it continues throughout our lives!

  4. Molly

    Awesome idea! I wish I had one. (date to celebrate, that is) I’ll just have to celebrate everyday!

  5. I cried, Felicity…really I did. To be able to grow up in Jesus is so special here. I can’t wait for the day to celebrate in my boys’ salvation. We had a youth girl a long time ago who was 3 when she was saved. Her parents would celebrate with her every year. I truly believe that that celebrating makes her the incredible woman of God she is today, now raising her own children. Thanks for the example…

  6. Felicity,

    What beautiful girls!! Wow, they are growing up. How precious to hear of your celebration.
    I remember praying a prayer with my mom on my bunk bed when I was probably close to their age. I also cherish the memory of my Dad baptising me as a teenager.

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