To Nurture

How does a 1 year-old girl know to love baby dolls instead of trucks? My baby, Macy Cheri, turned 1 last week and her gift was a perfectly pink baby doll. It isn’t that Macy isn’t exposed to other toys; we have a boy in the house, too. She just loves babies. It is such a reminder of the way God created women.

I realize that not all women may feel this nurturing spirit. I remember wondering if I had what it took to be a great mom. As a single person I sort of fell into such a pattern of caring for my own needs and enjoying my freedoms that I even began to wonder if I was meant to be a mother. I found out I was long before it actually happened.

I took a job as a teacher’s assistant the year I graduated from Bible College. The things I started to do in that job made me realize there was a nurturer inside of me that must have been dying to get out! I recognized it  the moment I scooped up a four year-old with a bloody mouth knowing that she was going to ruin my new shirt. I recognized it the instant I heard myself calling my students honey and sweetheart. I recognized it the day I walked out of an out-of-town shopping mall with only a bag of new books for my students in my hands. And I recognized it the night I cried watching them all sing at the right time during their music concert. I saw the nurturer in me over and over again.

There are a lot of ways to discipline the selfishness out of yourself, but having kids must be one of the most rewarding. I think a lot of single women worry that they won’t know what to do with a baby, but I’ve always found the nurturing grace ready when I need it. Just look how natural it is for Macy and hear me sing-songing, “Love the baby!”



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5 responses to “To Nurture

  1. Andrea

    She may love baby and dolls now, but just wait till she is older. She may knock you socks off with the things she becomes interested in, and is able to do. Read my latest blog, My daughter: the FIREFIGHTER!!?!??
    Audrey however LOVES babies, and is looking forward to the day she and Ryan can start a family, but right now she is into “other things”. 🙂

  2. This reminds me of how Andrea B. talks about “being saved through childbirth” and what God can do in our hearts as women when we care for children. My own mother had serious doubts that I would be a good mom (and so did I) but fortunately we were both wrong. (I can say I’m a good mom can’t I??) 🙂

  3. I sort of know what you mean, Andrea. My Ada informed me last week that she was not going to get married because she did not want to “push a baby out.” She wants to be a doctor and a police officer instead. : )

    And, Lori, I think of that phrase from Andrea B. all the time! I knew someone who said once, “I never knew what a monster lived inside of me until I had kids!”

  4. Kathy Nickerson

    And to Lori, if anybody gets the good mother award, it must be you! Say it loud.
    Macy’s grammakathy

  5. Tracy

    It warms my heart so much to see my granddaughter, Ellie, taking care of her baby dolls and stuffed bears. She has such a nurturing nature about her… she loves taking care of other kids, too. That is, when she’s not pinching or biting them. Go figure!

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