Bring Out the Rocks!

Wedding season is ON in our little corner of the world. Dan and I do music for a lot of weddings, and summer is always the busiest time. We love weddings. We work with the brides to choose modern worship choruses that match her expectations for each special moment in the ceremony. And we always find time to share a smile or hand squeeze as a renewal of our own commitment.

This weekend, Gloria married Paul. It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding. In this picture you can see the bride and groom following the paved drive toward the reception on the front lawn. (Look carefully and you’ll see Ada watching Gloria in awe. My girls are wedding crazy!)

There are a million things to love about a wedding, but on this Saturday one of the things I enjoyed the most was the beauty of a Rare Rock on display. Gloria is a gem of a girl by all counts. I met her when she attended the Bible College where I teach. She is a passionate person, a dancer and a singer. Now that she has graduated, she manages the floor of our young women’s recovery center. She serves often unappreciative teenagers day in and day out without notice. I don’t know her entire job description, but I know it involves a lot of thankless hours and mounds of paperwork. And, despite all of that, I’ve heard that if one of the girls asks her, she’ll sing to them as they go to sleep.

On her wedding day, Gloria was like a priceless jewel finally taken out of its safe and put on display, if only for the evening. She was radiant. After the ceremony, an uncle of the groom remarked that he had never seen a bride coming down the aisle singing, “Holy, holy, holy” on a day that was supposed to make her the center of attention. It was certainly a beautiful sight: A gorgeous woman made even more beautiful by her devotion and purity to God. Of course the groom was an emotional mess! As he should be, he had won the heart of a jewel and her beauty was on display for all the world to see that night.


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  1. Oh, I love weddings! I can picture this one perfectly from your description. This has become one of my favorite subjects. I just said to Michael the other day – isn’t it amazing with all the people in the world that we still pair off? What makes one person attracted to another and willing to choose that person above anyone else forever? It’s such a wonderful gift.

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