Seeing Rainbows

It is rainy here. Dreary. You know what my daughter would say to the grayish cloudiness that surrounds me right now, “We might see a rainbow soon!”

Isn’t there something interesting about the way girls are nuts for rainbows? Were you? I know there was a space of time – I’d say somewhere between 2nd and 4th grades – when every picture I drew with my Crayola markers 8-pack included a blonde princess standing under a rainbow coming out of two perfectly puffy clouds. I could still draw this for you if you asked. Since I was into symmetry then, the princess’s puffy sleeves were very like the clouds themselves.

I bought my daughters rainbow striped quilts for their beds. When Ada sees a sunset, the kind that fills the sky with oranges and purples, she calls it a “big rainbow.” I think we might be created with this love of rainbows. And in the same way that we love the sparkle of a diamond or a ruby, our love for rainbows is another of God’s reminders to us of our destiny and purpose in the earth.

What is a rainbow but a promise of His faithfulness?

Despite the thunderstorms swirling on the local radar maps today, I’m looking for rainbows.


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