Slaves to Fashion

You know I want to talk about Miley, right? But I won’t. Not today. You know I want to relate her recent controversy to my post about small decisions, right. But I won’t. Not today.

My son Jesse is on an early vacation to his grandparent’s house for the week. We miss him, but the girls and I try to use the time for some extra girly extravaganzas. Last night after bath time, I painted the girls’ nails while we fast-forwarded through American Idol. I will also not talk about that. Not today. My daughters’ fabulous aunt bought them the purple polish and they had literally been waiting WEEKS for me to finally let them wear it.

There are few things in this world more difficult than painting tiny, wiggly toenails! But we did it and fingers, too. Ada was so proud of her look that she started planning her outfit for the next day in a matching hue. She’s 4.

You all know Claire. Because of her CP, she has to be careful what kind of shoes she wears and this is an constant source of frustration for her. Her favorite pair of “clocky” shoes (black patent leather – I think her nickname for them must come from the sound they make on the floor) were deemed unsuitable by her physical therapist because of the raised heel. If you could see the face I got EVERY MORNING when we had that discussion!

So, even though I am almost always prepared for Claire to be upset about what kind of shoes she is going to wear each day, I was not prepared for what she said this morning. Walking into my bathroom in her bare feet, she asked me if she could wear flip-flops today. Simple answer: no, flip-flops are against dress code at school and they always rub a blister on your heel. Claire looked down at her skinny toes with sparkly purple tips, “Aw, man! My polish is going to get rubbed off!”

What pains we will go to for the sake of fashion! And it starts so young! (But don’t forget, I am NOT talking about Miley today.)



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4 responses to “Slaves to Fashion

  1. Wow, I thought for sure Serenity would mention Miley before you!! I’m stunned! I, too, have resisted the urge to blog about her. Oh, and I think Claire had a perfectly valid point about the footwear. Hope that polish makes it to next week so I can see it!

  2. Molly

    Oh my gosh! I think I would be freaking out and over-analyzing what all this means for their self-esteem, body image, call of God, etc etc to infinity ad nauseam. Thus God gave me boys. You, however, are an amazing mom. (girls and boy alike) 🙂 Not that boys don’t have their issues too, but this culture just seems to have it out for little girls.

    Ok, seriously, you HAVE to talk about Miley. Dying to hear it.

  3. No, no, no, not me! I’m not going to talk about her. I like to find the things we can celebrate in celebrities. There are some things after all. This one has me completely – well – shut UP. She did apologize, though, and she did it I felt in a very humble and vulnerable way (not so much the parent who said “she was manipulated”) But she literally said, “I am embarrassed” and I have disappointed people. Repentance is something to celebrate! But what about American Idol? I only watched the last couple minutes – what was the fast-forward factor there?

  4. Kathy Nickerson

    Didn’t you girls have to be thirteen or something before we let you wear nail polish?! Fortunately, nail polish on preschoolers does not strike me as the first little slip on the slide down to Mileyhoood. I’m glad to see them enjoying the sparkles of life.

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