A Rare Find: CBC in Brazil

Last week was the Missions Conference at our church. It is my favorite (and busiest) time of year. Although I spend much of the conference being completely humbled by my comparative lack of commitment and faith, I am always challenged by the stories of the missionaries.

Earlier this year Dan had the opportunity to travel to Brazil to visit with some of the missionaries who attend our conference. Marcondes and Ruth Marques operate an awesome ministry called CBC, or, the Channel to Brazil for Christ. The primary tool of their ministry to street children is a supplementary education program called The University of Life. In Brazil only 8% of students will graduate from high school. CBC tries to fill the educational holes by offering tutoring in basic subjects as well as training in fine arts, sports, and computers.


When Dan visited last year, the most moving day for him was a Saturday when the students at The University invited the children in their neighborhoods to a special event on the grounds. Volunteers came in with hygiene lessons, make-up bags, and hair cutting stations. Dan said it brought tears to his eyes to see children washing the feet and hands of their young friends, literally scrubbing away their neglect and abuse with fingernail brushes and soap. By the end of the day, children left clean and coiffed. What a message of love.



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4 responses to “A Rare Find: CBC in Brazil

  1. Kathy Nickerson

    This is a moving post. But I’m really commenting on the new header – which is the best ever!
    Claire & Ada’s Grandmother

  2. Andrea

    Roger and I hosted three little girls from Uganda when the African Childrens Choir came to our church to perform–yea, there is a WHOLE story there! Jesus was, quite literally thier best friend, thier prayers at bedtime would put most of us to shame. The circumstances under which they are with the choir are harrowing, and heartbreaking, but the joy in their live is unquenchable–and they spread it around. WE received more of a blessing being in their lives for a moment than any other I can remember for awhile. Thanks for bringing up WONDERFUL memories!
    Oh, totally AWESOME header 🙂

  3. Andrea

    The header reminds me of two little girls I remember that could melt an iron mans resolve just like those two up there.

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