The Common Uncommon

I hadn’t thought of this before, but Leap Day is the perfect day to celebrate Rare Rocks. This whole year is really a celebration of the Uncommon. Every other year is just a common year, but Leap Year is called the Uncommon Year.

Fortunately, Leap Years are actually more of a Common Uncommon. I mean, they roll around every four years, making them special but not freakishly strange. I think Rare Rocks are like that. We are trying to live a life that stands above the frey, believing in a Spirit world and the God who made it. We are striving for virtue and living in a way that tries to make a difference at least in our own respective corners of the world. We may be few, but we are mighty.

When I was 11, Halley’s Comet came through our part of the Universe. This is a once in a lifetime event (basically – someone could catch it twice, but since it appears every 75 years, one of those times they probably won’t remember it). We prepared for it in school for weeks, reading all about comets and stars. Halley’s Comet is Uncommon.


But, like Leap Day, a Rare Rock is more of a Common Uncommon.  We are rare enough to be exceedingly valuable, but common enough to wear everyday. We are royalty, but we live among the people. The Common Uncommon.

So, today we celebrate the Common Uncommon. How should we do it? Good question.  I had breakfast with my sister, one of the first Rare Rocks I ever knew. It isn’t something we get to do as often as we would like and there was no special occasion (except Leap Day, now that I think about it). And we ate and talked too much and laughed. By our presence, we celebrated each other, which is, in a way, celebrating the Common Uncommon.


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  1. the Common Uncommon is a lovely phrase. It’s like the Sarah McLachlan song, Ordinary Miracle. I feel so happy whenever that commercial comes on.

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