My Favorite Part: The Oscars

You’ll love Serenity’s post about the Oscar party her friend Michelle threw for her. Red carpet and everything!

I wasn’t home and I don’t get ABC anyway, but I did catch some clips on YouTube, especially those mentioned by Seren. I loved the winning song from Once. That was beautiful. Almost as lovely were the acceptance speeches of the writers (who were also the actors in the movie). They were all about believing in your dreams and not giving up. (In really cute accents, which only serves to reinforce the magic!)

But my favorite part came when Jon Stewart brought the girl back out after the commercial break. She had been cut off and didn’t get a chance to give her acceptance. Stewart ushered her toward the microphone and said, “Enjoy your moment!”

How insightful of him. That was her moment and if he hadn’t stepped in, it would have been robbed from her. How gallant.  I teared up a little after he said that. He is Hollywood, afterall, and sometimes we imagine that they have no idea what matters to people in the real world. But in that gesture, he knew.

I loved it. It was my favorite part.



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2 responses to “My Favorite Part: The Oscars

  1. She totally rose to the occasion too and had something to say besides thanks to the studio, blah, blah, blah. I thought Jon Steward did a great job of emphasizing the Big, Great, Moments.

  2. I agree. That was one of the Oscars most finest moments. And I also enjoyed the speech from the woman who won Best Actress. Now I have to go rent that movie when it comes out on DVD.

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