My Favorite Part


This weekend we saw The Phantom of the Opera tour in Omaha. I had never seen the show before, so you can imagine my looks of awe and amazement. The costumes, the singing, the set — it was all awesome!

I was surprised at the part of the show that extracted the most emotion from me, however. I watched the pathetic Phantom weep without any tears. I listened to Christine and Raoul seal their childhood love with a stirring rooftop song; still no tears. And the song to her father in the cemetery? Nope, not even then.

My tears didn’t show up until the show was over and the cast came out for the curtain call. Each performer took a bow and then took a step to the side or to the rear to make room for the next person. I know it is rehearsed, but it felt like genuine camaraderie. Once everyone had made it to the front of the stage, from the first chorus dancer to the Phantom himself, they joined hands and took one great company bow. That bow said, “We did this together. Some of us sang. Some of us danced. Some of us you never heard from at all, but we did this as a company.”

Those final smiles reminded me that our lives are often like a big Broadway production. It doesn’t matter if we feel like the headliner or the guy who drives the gondola with a remote control from backstage – we need each other to make any kind of impact at all. Smile. Bow. Step Back.

Think about your Company today.



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3 responses to “My Favorite Part

  1. Kathy Nickerson


  2. Molly

    It’s a privilege to be in company with you, Felic.

    Love, Molly

  3. Mom – Thank you!

    Molly – Likewise!

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