Of Light Sabers and Lip-Gloss


Cleaning up around the house on Saturday night I came across all the various remnants of a relaxing “Stay-Home Day.” Crumbs in the carpet, sippy cups under the coffee table, and crayons in the sofa cushions were just a few of the offenders. The most telling find was a pile beside the bathroom door; it included a satin Cinderella gown, a tube of lip-gloss, and a blue light saber.

I’m not sure which girl dropped all of this at the last moment before she jumped into the bathtub, but it is indeed a fair reflection of the day. My son, Jesse, is in full-on Star Wars mode. His little sisters are doing their best to be right in the mix.

It is a balancing act, this job of being a woman-warrior, but with the right ratio of strength and glam, it is also a lot of fun.


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  1. A

    I know exactly what you mean about those little things left scattered, and definitely about the light sabers. You have an incredible family!!! 🙂

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