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This story is hilarious! Here is my favorite ornament (for this game today anyway – I actually have a tree full of paper gingerbread men and popsicle-stick Christmas trees from my kids this year and those HAVE to be my real favorites):


Since I can’t seem to get that image to flip, it says: “First Born (Mom’s Favorite).” AND, my mom gave it to me so you KNOW it is true. Here’s the funny part: my little sister Charity has one that says “Youngest (Mom’s Favorite).” Of course, there was a “Middle Child (Mom’s Favorite)” that my mom tried to order for Serenity, but, guess what? It was BACK-ORDERED indefinitely! True story.



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4 responses to “Tag: Favorite Christmas Ornament

  1. trixfiend

    That’s a cute story about the ornament. I can’t wait until my tree is filled with popsicle-stick ornaments from my daughter (who is now 2.)

  2. May

    As a middle child, I can tell you it’s our neuroses that are driving the sales of those ornaments!

    You love me most, right Mom? Mom? MOM!!!

    I’m such a clown from growing up as a middle kid.

  3. Anne

    I need one of those middle child ornaments too. Anything we can do to make ourselves feel better.

    I love that your parents [tried to buy] bought all three!

  4. Are you gloating in this picture?! It’s probably back-ordered because it is THE MOST TRUE of all of them and therefore the MOST sold-out. Ah, who am I kidding? Jan Brady ruined it for all of us.

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