Music Montage

I am NOT doing a good job of posting right now. But I have a good reason: I am in Music Montage mode. I get this term from my sister. The idea is to imagine your life as a movie. And you know how in the movies there is always that image section where the lead character is shown in short clips doing whatever really hard work it is that they have to do to win whatever it is they are trying to win in the end of the movie? Example: Rocky. In the music montage section Rocky is seen punching raw meat, running the big steps, etc. and all the while “Eye of the Tiger” is playing in the background.

So that is me right now: Music Montage mode! Only my clips are of me at my computer, pouring over books and articles, holding a red pen in my hand and wiping my hair out of my face. I will be ABSOLUTELY finished with my semester on Monday at 9 p.m. I wonder, what should my theme song be for the next few days? Any suggestions?


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  1. Amber

    ‘We are the Champions…” šŸ™‚

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