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Well, Good Girls, I LOVE shoes! So this was a difficult pick for me. I was going to say that these are my favorite shoes….


but those are actually my husband’s – I just think he looks so cute in them!

Then I was going to take a picture of my whole closet floor because it is home to way too many pairs of shoes. But, if I had to choose just one pair of favorites, it would be these…


They were half-price specials at Payless. The qualifying factor for these shoes as my favorite right now is that I feel cute and trendy when I wear them. Simple but with a little something extra…that’s me. (And for a good laugh, compare my favorites with my sister’s!)



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7 responses to “Tag: Favorite Shoes

  1. Well, I bet you don’t get asked that comfortable question. But I highly approve of these shoes. I’ve been wanting some like this myself. Every girl should have ballet flats. Michael’s not a fan of the balley shoe apparently (at least not the real ones I wore as house slippers lately), so I guess that settles it. I’m getting them!

  2. I typed balley shoes! But did you know you typed t-shits on the Good Girl blog? That’s much worse.

  3. Yikes! I’m going to go fix that now!

  4. Well done. I’m glad you didn’t delete it and rewrite the comment. I think it was better that you went for the laugh. I can’t stop smiling about the whole thing. It’s so Monday, isn’t it?

  5. May

    Your typo made me laugh out loud! I’m SO glad you didn’t delete it.

    And I have to agree about “balley” flats–which I thought was just an adorable nickname for them–they are awesome. I have a very similar pair that I live in!

    I love your husband’s shoes too. Chuck Taylors?

  6. Yes, a real pair of Chuck Taylors. He had a knock-off pair for a long time, but we finally bought the real thing. He would wear them everyday if he didn’t have to wear a suit on Sunday’s. (Not that he hasn’t tried wearing them with the suit also.)

  7. Anne

    I just bought myself a pair of ballet flats, and I love them (I love hilarious typos too, FYI). They look a lot like these actually. I was going to list them as my favorites, but I figured it wasn’t really fair to call shoes you’ve only worn three times your favorites. I also love how you always take really cute pictures of yourself in these Tag, You’re It posts.

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