Tag: Three Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

(This is a game from the Good Girl Lit blog. So fun.)

1) I am hopelessly addicted to Mountain Dew. This is an embarrassing addiction, not a cool one like being addicted to coffee or something. Seriously, it stems from junior high! Please do NOT lecture me about this; I am fully aware that I am polluting my body. But I can’t help it!

2) One of my prized possessions is a postcard from President Ronald Reagan. He was shot when I was in lower elementary school and it is the first thing I remember watching on TV and understanding that it was important to the whole world. I sent him a hand-made get-well card and he sent me the sweetest bulk-rate, rubber-stamped post card you have ever seen. I felt so connected to the universe.

3) Someday I want a horse. I am not an outdoorsy person naturally, but this is one girlhood obsession I can’t get over. My daughter Claire does some horseback riding as therapy and I’m the one who has all the fun!




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3 responses to “Tag: Three Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

  1. No lectures here. I had cookie dough and deer sausage for lunch. And that’s such a lovely way to remember your Reagan postcard, feeling “connected to the universe”.

  2. May

    Um, as a the Vice President of the Recovering Addicts of Diet Dr. Pepper Club, you’ll get no lecture from me. I LOVE SODA. So sue me. I’m American!

    The Reagan postcard thing almost made me tear up, and I’m obsessed with horses too.

  3. Kathy Nickerson

    You still have the postcard?! I’m so relieved. I thought it had disappeared in one of my insane cleaning sprees when I purged the house of clutter that turned out to be treasure only weeks later. And, I have the picture of you and Carmen, I’m pretty sure.

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