If I Had a Costume Today…


…I would dress up like this. I watched The Queen this weekend, and I loved it.

I am known in my family for calling myself the Queen of the World. This is because I am bossy and have fabulous ideas – always. After watching The Queen, I may change my mind about wanting this role for myself. This “based on true events” story is the kind of speculative non-fiction I really enjoy. I know it might be totally untrue, but the fact that it might be a little true – or even possibly true – is enough for me. This movie gives an inside peek at what might have been going on in the secret emotions of Her Royal Highness (that’s HRH to you!) Queen Elizabeth II. Subtle, funny, and touching. Again, I loved it.

The Queen highlights one of my favorite qualities: compassion for those who are different from ourselves. Our world is so segmented, fragmented even. We distance ourselves from each other because we don’t understand each other. This happens to Queen Elizabeth after Princess Diana’s unexpected death. The country moves into this wild public sorow, and the Queen does not know how to handle it. She says (my paraphrase), “In this country, we have always mourned privately.” We see her as a very real person (my favorite is when she drives her old SUV all over the gorgeous English countryside) who comes to terms with her own failure. I felt sorry for her but also saw her strength. It really was beautiful.

So, this is the costume I would wear and I would wear it with humbleness. For tonight, you may call me HRH Queen Elizabeth…We’ll go back to Queen of the World tomorrow!



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3 responses to “If I Had a Costume Today…

  1. I loved this movie, too! I watched it a couple of months ago when Harold was out of town. I am always fascinated by “The Royals”. If nothing else, you can walk around doing the “proper” wave today. 🙂

  2. Kathy Nickerson

    And you pretty much are Queen of the World in the little kingdom of your home. Thanks for raising such a lovely set of royal youngters.
    your mom

  3. Well, that is just beautiful about how we don’t understand each other. It’s so true. Don’t we all think, “If only they knew how I was really feeling about this . . .”? And don’t you think in America our royals are the celebrities? I think that’s why I’m so facinated with Hollywood. It’s the American version of wanting to be a princess. Sadly, celebrities don’t usually carry themselves quite the same way . . . .

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