You’re It: Where We Read

This was so much fun last week, we have to do it again!

Serenity has posted about her “nest” before, a stash of books that follows her from room to room. I have one too; we get it from our Dad. His has become more of a library now, spilling from his side table onto wall-length book shelves and into boxes in the garage.

My favorite place to read is on my bed because it is in closest proximity to my books, it is comfortable, and it feels like a little escape in the middle of my busy house. Dan and I have enjoyed pulling our bedroom ensemble together over the years. It started with a left-over canopy bed from my parent’s downsize. Then my brother-in-law actually found a drapey, ivory canopy on a clearance sale in Omaha. More clearance sales found the gold comforter and shams. We paid full price for the deep red sheets (at Shop-Ko), but most fun were the pillows from Ikea in Chicago. My bedside table is cleverly organized (my husband may debate the use of “organized” here, but I promise it’s true) into three basic piles: school books, fun books, and God books. I love them all, and you never know what kind of mood you’ll be in when you crawl into bed at night. Or in the middle of the day.

I probably should review books here once in awhile. There are several must-reads for Rare Rocks. Isn’t it interesting how telling our book choices are? And nothing shapes your early identity like reading (or the lack of it!). But, anyway, today’s fun is just about where you read. And I read here:




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4 responses to “You’re It: Where We Read

  1. Anne Dayton

    Um, is it weird that I want to crawl into your bed now? It sounds so comfortable.

  2. Heather

    I read in bed too… mine’s neither romantic nor that cozy… but it’s all mine. And it’s the one place I can really be all alone, left to my thoughts and imaginations.

  3. May

    Um, Felicity, will you please come over and redecorate my bed? It’s just a mattress with a duvet my dog tends to puke on.

    I need a bed makeover! Yours looks like something out of a fairytale.

  4. Anne – yes, weird. But loveable.

    May – sure, and I think you would like my cheap shopping techniques!

    Heather – You are a peach! : )

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