Picture Day!


This one is just for fun.

The Good Girl Lit blog is running a Tag theme today about your favorite item of clothing. This one is mine: a long, tunic-style brown sweatshirt with a cute little drawstring at the waist. I got it on a clearance rack at Gap last year (apparently not everyone thought it was that cool). That’s one of the things I love – it is name brand but I got it cheap. The best part is that it is soooo comfy and still looks like I belong in this decade.

A jacket is one of my favorite items of clothing in general. I’ve heard (check out the After Eve clothing swap) that women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. This is definitely true for me. So, when I get stuck on something, it is nice if that something can be worn legitimately everyday without outing me for a total lack of fashion awareness. The jacket is perfect.

So, that is a picture of me in my fave. I made it silly because today my kids were practicing their Picture Day smiles in my bed before school. I remember the stress of tilting my chin a thousand different directions and moving every part of my body to point toward something else and feeling extremely tense. How can you get a good picture like that? That’s why I made my picture today fun. I was photographer and subject so I did it the way I wanted!

Smile! (And could you move your head a little bit this way, good, now just move your shoulders to the right a little, good, now, up, good, and ….)



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5 responses to “Picture Day!

  1. May

    I don’t know where I’d even be in life without the clearance rack. And Picture Day! I remember picture day. My favorite picture from picture day is from the year my mom forgot it was picture day and I had apparently had a really great time in gym. I looked like a ragamuffin.

  2. I love this picture of you, and I love the jacket. I think we should all have signature pieces – like Mister Rogers. It annoys me when celebrities only wear things once. The fact that you liked something enough to buy it doesn’t say nearly as much about you as the fact that you love it enough to keep wearing it.

  3. My fav’s are a basic black tee (Land’s End are the best & always on sale) and jeans I bought in St. Louis when Ev was in the hospital the last time. They fit so well! It was the first time a sales person actually got me something that fit properly. I should have bought 2 pair…
    I could wear those 2 things every single day & be happy & comfy, although boring to look at.
    We have picture day this Wednesday by the way!

  4. Kathy Nickerson

    Hmmm. I’m not sure I own any clothes that are 1)totally comfy and 2)of this decade. Well, maybe the black pants I got on a clearance rack at WalMart. I could pretend they are from a trendy store. At least I’ve outgrown the infamous picture day where I’m sporting my short, frosted wig. I had long, straight hair in the seventies, but I wore that suffocating wig every single day! With white lipstick. Yuck.

  5. Molly


    I have to say I am a jacket fan too! Such an easy way to make a you look more pulled together. Easy and cute, gotta love that!

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