Word Play

I’m an English major and a writer; I love words. This week in my studies I came across a couple of neat notes:

1) Our word diamond comes from the Greek word adamastos that meant “unrelenting, unconquerable” and was intended as a state of being to which all beings should aspire.

2) In Italian church history, the diamond was popular for religious decoration and clothing because of the similarity of its name, diamante, to the Italian phrase amante di Dio or “lover of God.”

Each example speaks for itself, but isn’t it a powerful thought that being a lover of God would be the highest state of being that we should all strive to attain? As women especially, there could be no greater calling. Jesus told Martha and Mary that Mary had chosen the “better part.” Just being within the sound of His voice, resting in His presence was all the destination she needed to look for. This weekend, in all your going and doing, check and see if you are consciously headed in that same direction: to His feet. Let’s go there just to love Him – it is our highest purpose.


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