On Settings

Ada Jewel

This morning my three-year-old, Ada, waited patiently outside my bathroom door for her Daddy to finish getting ready. I had just put her hair up in a new style and she wanted him to see it as soon as possible. When he appeared he gave her just the reaction she was looking for: lavish and exuberant praise! I was touched by how confident she was in his response to her. She has been given a special opportunity – the unconditional love and acceptance of a father.

Ada was a bit of a surprise baby at our house. Her older sister, Claire, was born prematurely and required constant tube feedings into her intestines, among many doctors visits and therapy appointments. In the middle of this, I found out I was three months pregnant. At first we panicked…”I already have a baby!” But then we began to accept the inevitable and Dan started researching names. We chose Ada right away because it meant “beautiful addition.” That is how we began to see her even before she was born. Her middle name is Jewel because we knew she would be just that.

The setting is the surroundings within which a diamond is placed – a specific type of ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry. My diamond is in a half-moon bezel setting of white gold. The setting is very important for a diamond. It can make a diamond stand out or get lost. It can make a diamond look new and fashionable or old and out of style. The diamond itself is always valuable, always worth at least as much as when it was first bought, but jewelry settings can fade in and out of popularity. Often all a diamond needs is a new setting to bring life back into its shiny facets. Ada is a lucky girl. She is living in a setting that values and appreciates her. The sad facts are that this isn’t true of all little girls. Our goal as a family is to provide a setting that accents her strengths and has mercy on her weaknesses. To put her in a position that makes her shine.

The great thing about God is that He’ll do the same thing for each of us, His living stones. He will lead us to the settings that are just right for our personality, needs, and destiny. Our settings involve families, churches, communities, work places, and more. When we let Him lead, the setting that He creates will be perfect. Afterall, who would know better about the desires of our hearts than the One who created our hearts in the first place! So, wait outside that door today and knock. Jesus promises He will answer, the door will be opened, and I think you’ll love the response that you get.


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