All that Glitters…

I saw a commercial this morning for a new Bratz doll – as if the tween world needed another one of those! This was actually the bust of a Bratz doll, about the size of the mannequin heads students practice on in cosmetology school. The name of the doll was “Diamonds Forever” and it came with make-up and accessories to give the big, disproportioned head a makeover. The make-up looked like pure glitter. The shrunken t-shirt was bedazzled. This was supposed to look glamorous. Instead, it looked ridiculous.

Why do we tolerate society telling girls that who they are is not beautiful enough? We tell them they need shimmer and highlights and grown-up clothes. It is challenging to find a t-shirt for my preschool daughters that doesn’t say “princess” or “hottie”. This is unfortunate, because what it tells girls is that they have to promote and package themselves to be beautiful.

But despite our faux glam culture, a real diamond is worth more than all the glitter in the world. Shiny doesn’t always mean valuable. If you examine a fleck of glitter you will see it is like a tiny solid tile. The shine of glitter comes from a surface reflection. The fireworks of a diamond actually come from the inside. As light shines in, it is perfectly reflected back out, producing prisms of light and sparkle. A thousand chunks of glitter in one place cannot duplicate the simple beauty of even the smallest diamond.

Friend, you can’t fabricate real beauty. You don’t need a “Diamonds Forever” makeover. You are a diamond – rare, authentic, and beautiful!


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  1. Serenity

    Felic, this is such rich stuff. This is going to be such a wonderful book. I didn’t realize you had done so much research on it. I just caught up on the last three entries. I wanted to respond to the one about fiery trials, but I was afraid you wouldn’t check your comments so far back. I simply love that though. It’s dear to my heart. You have always taught me that lesson so well, and I love the attempt of following your example in it.

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