Why “Rare Rocks”?

I loved being single.  Of course, I love being married and raising beautiful kids, too, but there was something so special about those single days of early adulthood.  Luckily, I had an older friend say the same thing to me once, while I was single and wishing I wasn’t.  She had five kids and a very busy husband.  As I gave her a tour of the little garage/apartment I shared with my best friend, she told me to cherish the days we were living in.  I actually took her seriously, and I tried to make the most of that season.

Lori and I worked together and lived together.  We shared most of the same friends and went to the same church.  Our little apartment was a one-room studio with a loft and cedar wall boards.  So cool.  And we enjoyed our life together.  Fast food for supper.  Late night movies.  Out-of-town shopping trips.  Our greatest shared passion was worship, so we sang a lot and listened to all kinds of music.

Late night church services were part of our experience at the time, and we often found ourselves at Country Kitchen – that mecca of pancakes, appetizers, and second-hand smoke.  I remember being there once with some friends from our church talking over the deep and not-so-deep issues of life.

It was during this conversation that Mike called Lori and me “rare rocks.”  We needed an explanation.  He was a contemplative, prophetic sort and his statements were sometimes riddles.  He told us that he appreciated our friendship and honesty.  He was quickly becoming jaded with the specific church we attended, but he recognized something genuine in each of us.  If Christians in general are living stones, you guys are some rare rocks!

I never forgot that compliment. I’ll never forget Mike either, and I hope he has found peace somewhere else.  It gave me confidence then to know that someone recognized spiritual value inside of me that was distinct from my peer group.  I hope this analogy gives you confidence to know that there is unique value inside of you. 

You can be a rare rock. 


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